Walking around the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Khao San Road

The sun was still high up which left us plenty of time to spare. Despite the whacked out happenings in our first half of the day, we vigorously marched our way to Phra Nakhon District where Bangkok’s well-known temples and the exciting backpacker area of Khao San Road are located.

It was four in the afternoon when we reached the entrance of Grand Palace after hailing a cab that cost us about 100 Baht (3USD).  As it was my 2nd time going to the Grand Palace, I lead the way and went straight to gate as if I am entering the fancy palace of mine.

An interactive device inside the taxi.

The moment I almost passed through the guards, they were pointing their guns at me and one more step could literally kill me! It was such an embarrassing and heart-pounding seconds of my life! I didn’t notice the visiting hours signage and worse, I didn’t even notice the guards who were waving that it was closed already! LOL! We walked away and Dianne was bursting with laughter.

I was happy that she was fine with not getting to the (at least) Grand Palace lawn to peak. We didn’t want to spend a whopping 500THB (14USD) for an entrance anyway! (Okay, that’s how dirt cheap we were for this backpacking adventure. LOL!)


On the next temple, the Wat Pho! It is known for the Temple of Reclining Buddha with several amazing Buddhist structures around the complex. It’s a great alternative to the Grand Palace if you do not want to spend much for an entrance fee. The ticket cost 100 Baht (3USD) including a free bottled water. Wat Pho is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok as it already existed before Bangkok was declared the capital.

As we entered the complex, we were marvelled by the intricate designs of every structure. Everything you see breathes out its own art character. You can tell that Thailand has a rich culture by observing the architecture of its temples. It’s amazing how these carefully designed structures date back to 16th century!


Our awful jump shot attempts!

We enjoyed the serenity of every corner of the complex as there were less people around given that it was an hour before its closing time. Dianne getting giddy to see the Buddha, we rushed to the temple worriedly we might miss its visiting hours. Fortunately, we were just in time; we had to carry our shoes before getting in (shoe bag will be provided) and Dianne had to wear a robe to cover up her skimpy clothes.

Entrance going to the Reclining Buddha

The sight of Golden Reclining Buddha was a pure bliss for its enormous size. Dianne had her eyes hooked on the Buddha while around the temple. If only the size of the temple was enough to capture the Golden Reclining Buddha from a distance, we would have stayed and stared at it for a while. It was getting late and we needed to catch a boat to cross to the river to see another temple called Wat Arun.

As we got to the ferry terminal, we were disheartened to see the Wat Arun was closed for renovation. It wasn’t a good sight either for a sunset viewing as the structures were covered with scaffolding. Feeling a little defeated, we walked our way to Khao San road to find a good Pattaya day trip tour. It took us about 20 minutes before we got to Khao San road with a few quick bites a long the way!

Assorted dimsums!

Khao San Road and its surrounding area is known for backpackers’ little haven. The area is filled with sumptuous street food, restaurants, pubs, travel agencies, street vendors (selling souvenirs, clothes & fake goodies), inexpensive accommodations and a whole lot more. At night, a massive crowd of tourists from all walks of life flock into the busy streets of Khao San area to have a glimpse of the backpacker culture of Bangkok.

We didn’t manage to find a day trip Pattaya tour within our budget but we managed to satisfy our taste buds with Pad Thai street food for 50 Baht (1.50USD)!

We left the place happy and couldn’t be more filled with all the shenanigans we had throughout the day. It was the kind of traveling experience I would not mind doing all over again. I am glad that Dianne and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to random adventures.