TRAVEL GUIDE: Phuket to Bangkok by BUS

Wandering around costs a lot of money so we’re trying to limit our spending as much as we can. I still have another 2 months worth of travelling left in Thailand and Indonesia so I’m being stingy when it comes to pretty much everything!

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Getting Off from Mo Chit Bus Terminal to Irresistable Chatuchak Market

I woke up before dawn enduring the numbing pain of my bum while still on the bus from Phuket to Bangkok. Perhaps I was being overly considerate because I didn’t fully recline my seat to be able to provide more space for the person behind me. But as the darkness slowly faded, the towering sights of skyscrapers reminded me that I am back in one of my favorite cities. The excitement was building up and I couldn’t wait for Dianne to see how beautiful and amazing this city is! Read more


TRAVEL GUIDE: Bangkok to/from Siem Reap by BUS

It wasn’t in our plan to travel to Siem Reap as I was having doubts with my financial capacity if I could go further from Bangkok. My itchy feet were telling me to push the boundary forcing me to book my return flight to Manila via Siem Reap with my eyes closed. I made one of the best decisions of my life! Read more