Endless Sights of Ha Long Bay

What draws people to Hanoi beyond its charming culture and festive city vibe is the proximity to Ha Long Bay. I wouldn’t deny, my main purpose in visiting the city was to get a chance to see one of the most magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites of Northern Vietnam. Read more


POP! Hotel Kuta Beach Review

The joy of browsing hundreds of budget hotels in Bali at a bargain price is every budget traveler’s dream. You’ll never have to worry about those rustic beds in a rundown guesthouses as there are plentiful of newly built trendy hotels to choose from! Read more


Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu Will Make You Go to Bali

I was browsing through blogs after blogs until I stumbled upon an entry about Bali. Whenever I think of Bali, it’s always the Balinese temples and the infamous Kuta beach that pop into my mind. They weren’t exactly as exciting to be on my “priority destination” but I was blown to stumble upon Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu temple pictures. Read more


Best Spot for Taipei 101 New Year Countdown (2016)

Back during the time Taipei 101 was newly built and gained as the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010, I have already dreamed of spending the New Year’s countdown in front of Taipei 101. I am always amazed of the fireworks spewing all over the building like as if it was magically being lit up with fairydust. Read more