Surprising Sunset Bliss in Patong

Before I even planned our Phuket trip, I  have already dreamt of watching the sunset above the scenic Promthep Cape. The endless sights of the Indian Ocean and the mild waves crashing into the cliffs seem heavenly to miss out on. But as fate was not in favor, it let us had a glimpse of sunset over the creamy white sand beach of Patong.

Our plan was to rent a motorcycle to explore beyond Patong but we were unsuccessful to find a motorcycle rental without handing a passport as a deposit. We had nowhere to go but head back to the the bustling beach of Patong. I wasn’t exactly happy as I didn’t want to be stuck in a place where it couldn’t lift my excitement. Dianne was, unfortunately, feeling the same as well.

With only a few hours to spare, we laze on the beach while getting the perfect shade of tan under the scorching sun. The people passing by and the parasailing activities were our only source of entertainment. It was a typical crowded beach and we could already predict how this day would end.

But as the sun was going down, the dull grey sky is slowly turning into vivid tangerine. It once again reminded me how scenic it would be if I we were in Promthep Cape. While as cliche as it sounds, we had to seize the day and live for the moment–the moment where the sky was on its flaring colors and the sounds of tides catching up with the sun. With the crowd slowly fading away, it was a sight of a truly beautiful beach sunset that turned this bland day into surprisingly pleasurable.

We left the beach with a perfect tan and most importantly a delight that we never thought Patong Beach was gifted of. It’s as if fate was telling us that if the plan didn’t work, there are still surprises waiting to be discovered. At least, I have another reason to go back to Phuket.