Serenity in Puka Beach

Boracay is known for its festive atmosphere with heaps of water activities and bustling night life and entertainment, wherefore massive local and foreign tourists flock the island. Despite all these activities, there is still a patch of serenity in this tiny island.

It was my second time in Boracay and I wouldn’t deny, this tiny island is getting more congested like it’s as if I didn’t leave Manila with appalling traffic condition around the stretch of station 1 to 3. The infamous 4-kilometer white beach stretch was always filled with people enjoying the best things this island has to offer. However, this was not what I came back for. I am longing for this white sand beach with crystal clear water amid the lush green nature where I could enjoy the serenity of this corner of paradise.

Puka Beach

The crystal clear turquoise water along the 1.3-kilometer stretch of white sand beach matched with a backdrop of lush hills are more than enough to call it a paradise. It’s been 3 years and I still have the fresh memory of the first time I set foot on this beach; the clarity of the water with the combination of white fine and granulated sand gave me a sensational feeling. That sensational feeling never changed and I was still in awe while I traverse the stretch of the beach.

My restless body found a sweet spot along the shore and the invigorating crash of the waves were alluring to have a dip. Within a few breaths, I braved the sudden-deep shoreline while I fight the mild current to keep afloat.  I was in bliss for a moment seeing the almost deserted beach and I couldn’t explain how calming it was. Indeed, I have relived the experience of another piece of heaven on earth.

How to get there

Puka Beach is located in the northern end of Boracay which could easily be reached by vehicle. There is no public transportation going directly to Puka Beach but you could opt to flag a tricycle. If you want a private trip, the fare would be around 150-300 Pesos (3.50-7USD) per way depending on your haggling skills.  However, since there were 3 of us, we opted to ride a regular tricycle trip for 30 Pesos (0.40USD) each per way but be prepared because the driver will casually pick up and drop off passengers along the way. The trip getting there should be around 15-20 minutes. Going back was easier as there are a lot of tricycles waiting outside the beach. If you wish to walk, the road distance is almost 6 kilometers passing through various resorts and neighborhoods.

When to go

The (almost) isolated part of the island is not known and visited by many due to its distance from the famous White Beach. However, the water is not as calm as the White Beach but bearable to swim. On the other hand, it is green algae-free all-year round where White Beach is suffering from March-May as the water is calm. The best time to go there is from 6-11AM and 4-6PM if you wish to avoid the small crowd coming from the island hopping tours. Otherwise, anytime of the day is perfect.

What you could buy

Upon getting to the forefront of the beach, there are souvenir shops selling different kinds of shell products and other touristy items. If you wish to grab something to eat, there are shops selling chips, snacks, fresh coconut juice, fruit shakes for a reasonable price. However, if you want to have a proper meal,  there are some hawkers where you could ask to cook food for you but be prepared to shell out an unreasonable amount of money for the food.

What not to do

Puka Beach is one of the best isolated beaches in Boracay to relish the tranquility of a beach paradise. To keep the serenity of this lovely beach, please save all the rowdy activities to White Beach and Bulabog Beach where all these activities are suited for utmost satisfaction.