Our Adrenaline-pumping Experience in KLIA2

If there’s an airport that is thrill-seeking, it is probably the world’s largest budget terminal–KLIA2! The pleasure of having great food at an affordable price and the hurdle in this humongous terminal are heck of an experience. Luckily, we survived!

My disgruntled face upon carrying Dianne’s 17-kilo backpack!

Our flight to Phuket via AirAsia was at 8:20PM but we left the hostel around 3:30PM to spare more time wandering around the Airport Mall (Gateway @ KLIA2). We reached the terminal just before 5PM, though we had to wait 20 minutes more before we were able to check-in. Luckily, the counter we were queuing at was short and fast.

Since we still have more than 2 hours to spare before boarding, we had our early dinner at Quizzin Foodcourt. There were a lot of Asian food to choose from but we opt to have noodles as it looks good from the photo.

Upon having our first taste of the noodles, we found the lack of spice our tastebuds was craving for. Having underestimated the spice strength of the condiment that comes along with it, I poured everything thinking it wouldn’t make a difference since it was only a small portion compared to the big bowl in front of me. The first sip was fine, it was spicy but bearable enough to eat. But as I keep eating, the level of spice was rising up until I can feel my mouth about to explode!

Dianne the evil witch was laughing at me the whole time! I could no longer bear the sensation so I was forced to buy something sweet. I thought of buying the waffles with free watermelon juice that comes along with it. The cashier advised me that my order wouldn’t be ready until 15 minutes but asked if I could have my juice served as I couldn’t wait any longer to ease the burning sensation.

As requested, I got my juice served right away! I was expecting a powdered watermelon juice as it was free, but after having my first gulp, I was in nirvana! I couldn’t believe how fresh and smooth the watermelon juice was. Until now, I still remember that satisfying gulp I had! I let Dianne taste it and she had the same reaction I had!

As the waitress approached us with the waffles, I can see she was carrying another glass of watermelon juice. Dianne and I looked at each other with big grin then had, are-you-thinking-what-I’m-thinking look — our eyes agreed, we got another free watermelon juice!

As much as we thought that the waitress had forgotten that I already had the free watermelon juice, we just thought that they were generous in giving free drinks! LOL!

We left the Foodcourt stuffed & satisfied and ready to hurdle the departure process. However, upon reaching the immigration, the queues were getting longer and moving in turtle-pace. We only had about 30 minutes before boarding time then we still have to pass through security checks. It wasn’t helpful that our gate was located at P7, which is a 10-minute sprint from the immigration! How are we supposed to sprint with our heavy backpacks and stuffed tummies?

We were left with no choice but to leg it! After immigration, we passed through security check then sprinted through the 300-meter skybridge. Just when we thought we were only going to make a quick left turn when we reached the far end, another tedious security check we had to go through again! It was painstakingly eating up our precious time and Gate P7 was still quite a distance at 300 meters. We were a little bit anxious and exhausted when we reached the gate, but to our delight, the boarding time was delayed. Phew! We had an extra 10 minutes to catch our breath.

The smiles of the winners of KLIA2 obstacle course challenge!

The ordeal did not stop in the terminal. We boarded the plane filled with different nationalities from all walks of life, probably longing for “The Beach”-like kind of adventure we hope for! (Probably not the morbid part but the sense of adventure of seeing new amazing places!)

Boarding time!

Despite a little delay in boarding, they managed to turn around the plane to be on scheduled. When the plane was finally ready to taxi, they shut all the lights abruptly without prior notice leaving only the Exit signs lighted. It created a breeze of apprehension to most passengers, us included. While the plane was taxiing slowly, there were two occasions when the plane had massive bumps whilst on the ground; it felt like it ran over something huge to create that strong shake that I had to hold the armrest tightly for safety. The woman sat next to me was beyond terrified so we were taking the piss out of her. Not going to lie, a good percent of us were scared too!

That sudden horrifying feeling when the cabin lights were abruptly turned off!

After the plane took off, part of me was still thinking about the massive bumps and I was praying it did not affect the plane’s condition in any sort. *The memory of the AirAsia tragedy was still fresh on our minds!* Imagine what will happen when we’re 30k feet up and a sudden plunge happen! Fortunately, we only experienced barely noticeable turbulence and the flight only took an hour and 20 minutes.

The sight of relief after landing safely in Phuket International Airport and the excitement of traveling has overcome the anxiety. We survived, welcome to Phuket!