Osmeña Peak: The Perfect Beginner’s Trail For Everyone

The towering hills with astonishing peak and rock formations from the highest mountain of Cebu will surely take your breath away. This is another great trekking destination that is steadily growing in popularity.

Osmeña Peak is the perfect ultra beginner’s mountaineering destination but never short of exhilarating panoramic sights!

Fortunately, you would never find it hard to reach the top of the mountain as there are bountiful of habal-habal in Dalaguete Junction that would take you up to the jump off point at the foot of Osmeña Peak for roughly 45 minutes.

The views from the winding, and at times unpaved road, are delightful. More than halfway through the ascend, you will be rewarded with cold breeze paired with lush sceneries.

Upon arriving at the jump off point, I was surprised to see a charming and serene town filled vegetable crops. It reminds me of La Trinidad Valley in Benguet but on a smaller scale.

After signing up at the registration, the first test is going through the path stairs, that gradually turns into steep & narrow path. It’s quite challenging at some parts of the path but the view is satisfying as you climb up.

Once you reach the base point, it’s like a whole new dimension that leads you to numerous jagged hills.

I chose to go first at the hill where no people around, just adjacent to the hill where people most flocked to.

climbing up the hill was the most challenging part for me due to its steep path unstable soil condition. But I managed to reach the top in just roughly 30 minutes from the jump off point!

The silhouette of jagged hills from the late afternoon sun and the sights of Bohol & Negros islands were captivating!

I traversed to the next hill where most people gather for photos, just in time before the the sun sets. The view from this hill is undeniably the most scenic; I was in pure happiness from being surrounded by wonderful landscapes paired with captivating sunset.

The Osmeña Peak is a great short excursion for those who want to see amazing landscapes and sceneries from atop the mountain without having to go through the ordeal of hours of long treks.

The cold breeze in the mountain is another great escape from the scorching heat from the lowland.

How to get there

From Cebu South Bus Terminal,  ride a bus (100PHP, ordinary) that goes to Oslob and ask the conductor to drop you off at Dalaguete Junction; travel time is about 2-3 hours, depending on the traffic condition. From the Junction beside 7 Eleven convenience store, there are numerous habal-habal which you could hire for 400PHP(9USD), round-trip, good for 2 persons; travel time is about 45 minutes to the jump off point. From the jump off point, it would take you about 20-40 minutes to hike, depending on your pace, before you reach one of the peaks of the nearest hills.

Overnight stay

There is a base camp for those who wish to stay overnight. It is advisable to bring your own tent, nightlights, cooking wares, food, and trash bags. The nearest toilet is in the jump off point.