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Getting Off from Mo Chit Bus Terminal to Irresistable Chatuchak Market

I woke up before dawn enduring the numbing pain of my bum while still on the bus from Phuket to Bangkok. Perhaps I was being overly considerate because I didn’t fully recline my seat to be able to provide more space for the person behind me. But as the darkness slowly faded, the towering sights of skyscrapers reminded me that I am back in one of my favorite cities. The excitement was building up and I couldn’t wait for Dianne to see how beautiful and amazing this city is!

We arrived at Mo Chit Bus Terminal before seven in the morning. Still weary from an overnight bus ride, we went straight to taxi rank to hail a cab going to Mo Chit (Chatuchak) BTS Station. The metered fare cost about 70 Baht (2USD) but make sure you always confirm with the driver if it’s metered because 80% of the time they will overcharge you. From the BTS Station, we bought Rabbit Stored-Value Card for 200 Baht (6USD); the initial balance is only 150 Baht (4.20USD) while the remaining is for the deposit which can be refunded upon surrendering the card.

From Mo Chit to National Stadium Station, where our hostel was located, the fare was 41 Baht (1.20USD) for the Rabbit card or 42 Baht for Single Journey ticket.  The BTS train was spacious and comfortable in spite of the heavy backpacks we were carrying. Before we got to the National Stadium BTS Station, we had to change to another line from Siam BTS Station where both lines were conveniently intersected in one station.

We reached Lub D Siam Square Hostel in about 20 minutes and as soon as we got in, we rushed straight to the reception and asked if we could have an early check-in at 8am (check in was at 2PM). They regret that they could not grant our request, which was understandable but fortunately, they were kind enough to let us store our backpacks, use the toilet and access the theatre room! This is the first time we felt like nomads getting charity help from the wonderful staff of the Hostel (in a good way). LOL  (See our remarkable full review of Lub D Siam Siam Square Hostel.)

I would trade this for my dorm bed! Lol!

After 12 hours of being glued to our seats, the unbelievably comfortable beanbags in the theatre room made it quite impossible to detach ourselves from it. I almost had to peel Dianne off from the couch because she was getting way too cozy but we had to leave to grab breakfast before we head off to a shopping mecca, Chatuchak Weekend Market!

It was a Saturday morning and the train carriages were getting filled with people, predominantly tourists, as we reach towards the end of train line (Mo Chit) station. As soon as we exited the station, most, if not all, of these people were heading towards the same direction as we were; it felt like we were a colony of ants marching to war.

I underestimated the popularity of Chatuchak Weekend Market as it is one of the must-visit places in Bangkok after all! The market holds its reputation by selling inexpensive unique items ranging from clothes, electronics, household items, toys, souvenirs, furniture, local food and the list goes on!  However, the shops are only open on weekends from 9AM-6PM.


Endless sights of shops!


Strange crocodile displays!

Little Miss Compulsive Shopper could not believe how cheap everything was! Coming from Phuket, where the prices were pegged for foreign tourists, she got pretty overwhelmed by how far her tight budget can go the extra mile in Bangkok. I was trying to shut her impulsiveness but she wasn’t having any of it. We walked around which felt like torture to her (she wanted to buy everything!) as she was refraining herself from shopping and she didn’t want to add more weight to her already-heavy backpack. In the end, she still managed to snatch up a few items such as bags, coin purse, bracelets, anklets, tops and shorts – nothing heavy as she said. To be fair, I bought 3 shirts for myself as well!

In between our shopping, we were allured by this 5 Baht (0.15USD) a piece of scrumptious sushi and had a quick grab! Just when we thought we were done with binging, along the side streets of Chatuchak, we munched one of the tastiest Pad Thais we have ever had so far!


That did not stop there, you cannot end a sumptuous meal without having a dessert. Dianne had her first coconut ice cream that changed her craving when it comes to sweets!

Tired and broke from shopping and overindulging, I managed to force her to leave this heaven (and hell) of hers to keep her 2-month-backpacking-money still a 2-month-backpacking-money. She bids goodbye and only looked back once but she will never get the chance to go back twice! LOL! At least she has more reasons to go back to Bangkok on a weekend. Hopefully in the near future!

After we got soaked in our own sweat in Chatuchak, we decided to go back to our hostel just in time for check in. We relaxed for a bit then freshened up before heading to Grand Palace and its surrounding temples.