Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu Will Make You Go to Bali

I was browsing through blogs after blogs until I stumbled upon an entry about Bali. Whenever I think of Bali, it’s always the Balinese temples and the infamous Kuta beach that pop into my mind. They weren’t exactly as exciting to be on my “priority destination” but I was blown to stumble upon Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu temple pictures.

The moment I saw the images of these places, I immediately put Bali on my priority destination within 6 months. If you ask what made me decide in a compulsive manner? I’ts the irresistible breathtaking view of cliffs with soothing crashing waves that were already playing into my ears.

There is something about seeing seacliff that stimulates my excitement to be there and see how the waves crash.

I went to Bali with only one solid plan, to rent a motorbike and drive my way to Dreamland Beach and Uluwatu temple.  But after reading through feedback online about the agony of tourists being bribed by the police.

I scrapped that idea off and hired a motorbike driver instead. Sure it wasn’t within my means as it cost me 250,000 IDR (18.50USD) for half-day tour, but I value my safety as I am not an experienced motorbike driver at all!

You know you’re near your destination once the road gets better!

Dreamland Beach

After about 40 minutes of jostling in the busy roads of Kuta, I’ve finally reached Dreamland beach in unscathed, but burnt from the scorching sun.

The fine golden brown sand, calm waves and scenic cliffs were exactly what I imagined it to be. It was one of those moments where I feel captivated by the pleasurable glimpse of the view.

I removed my footwear and sat on the sand while enjoying the laid back feel of the beach. There were few people enjoying the gentle waves, until a minute later, the waves were getting bigger.

I stood up, went closer and I could feel some tremors upon the crash of giant waves! It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever felt and I could not express the joy seeing these giant waves crash like it’s the end of the world!

It was unfortunate that I didn’t bring any extra clothes as I wanted to swim and play with the waves so bad. I walked along towards the left side of the beach as I noticed that particular side has calmer waves where I could dip my fit before I leave.

I left the place cheerfully delighted and with a reason to come back at this beautiful beach to finally bathe and play with the waves for entire day. Now I know why they call it Dreamland beach, it is where you get to interact with the waves like a wonderful daydream.

Uluwatu Temple

After 20 minute motorbike ride from Dreamland beach, I have arrived at Uluwatu Temple. There is an entrance fee of 20,000 IDR (1.5USD) per person which includes the purple sarong for visitors. You have to wear this sarong inside the complex and surrender it upon leaving the premises.

I passed through a winding path of forest which is teeming with monkeys that are preying with people’s food or anything they think like it.  The temple is apparently considered as monkey forest due to the number of monkeys around the place.

My jaw instantly dropped upon seeing the glorious view of the cliff! It is the most perfect set-up for a temple where you would want to connect with the Gods above the sky and drift away all your worries.

I could not help but be mesmerized with the giant waves and stunning cliffs as I walked towards the other end of the temple. You could actually feel how strong these waves are just by listening to the soothing crash of the waves from afar.

Towards the other end of the complex, the views are more amazing that I imagined! It was very scenic and I could help but to take a souvenir photo against the panoramic cliff.

In this particular spot of the cliff, amid the strong waves, I have seen a huge sea turtle swimming towards the ocean. It was one of the little treats when you try to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The temple in Uluwatu complex may not be as remarkable as the other temples in Bali but it has surpassed my expectations, and I was guaranteed to leave the place with awe. The fascinating seascapes and cliffs are definitely a feast to the eyes for nature lovers which I have tremendously cherished.

Bali definitely left a beautiful scar in my heart that made me want to go back. On top of many beautiful places to see, the Balinese people are genuinely hospitable and friendly that made my visit worthwhile.